Product Features:

  • PATENTED DESIGN – Compatible with Modern outlets with 2 screws on the mounting plate. To open the hinged door, adults engage all three points on the outside edges at the same time. Patented one-piece safety device deters children, toddlers and pets from accessing outlets.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Works with existing screw holes and requires only a flat-head screwdriver to install. Remove the existing plate around the switch and replace it with a Child Be Safe plate, using the included color-matched screws. Scan the Quick Response (QR) code shown on the included instructions for an easy installation video. No messy and unreliable adhesives.
  • MADE IN USA – Designed, manufactured, and assembled entirely in the USA using American-made parts.
  • SLEEK AND EXTREMELY DURABLE – Slim, low-profile design blends with any décor without looking clunky. Secure one-piece cover mounts directly to the wall and covers the entire outlet – no loose or separate parts. Durable hinged door clicks closed. Extremely durable hinge is designed for repeated use without snapping or cracking.


“This is the only child safety product that we have found that is truly child proof! Our daughter started pulling out the small plug protectors with her teeth and almost choked! It’s inconspicuous and blends in well. Bonus that it is MADE IN USA!”

– Shopper


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