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Chaim Morgan

The Rabin Family

Child Tries to Open Wall Outlet Safety Cover


Life saver
“My 4 year old has severe autism and is intellectually disabled. He tends to wake up in the middle of the night and flip the switch to play. He can’t figure this out like the other ones. I love this and am telling everyone I know that had the same issue as us. Thank you for making a product that works.”

– Anonymous Child Be Safe Customer

Easy install and fix
“My toddler has 2 light switches in his room. One is above his big boy bed. This became a problem for nap and nighttime. I purchased this box to lock it while he was in bed. It was easy to install…literally 2 screws. It worked like a charm too and does not look bad either! Blends in pretty good.”

– Skylsu

Best product
“LOVE these. My son (2) can pull out the safety outlet covers that just stick in the sockets – even the ones that latch. He has not figured out these yet. They have three points you have to push in order to open them. Perfect for keeping him out and stopping him from putting things in.”


Lockable light switch cover
“I bought this Light Switch Cover for my classroom in school. I have a class of Special Education children and a few of them like to play with the lights. The switch cover prevents them from annoying me all day long with lights on or lights off. By using this cover in my classroom, it may help change the behavior of these children by stopping their access to the light switch. The cover is well made with formed plastic. The cover has three push buttons that serve as a lock. Since I installed it in my class, it has worked like a charm. no more lights on /lights off problems.”

– Jackrailroad

Exceptional. Get this one.
“Easy to install. Just unscrew old one, screw this one on. Best purchase I’ve made for home safety for babies.”

– Erica


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